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 *Arjun* 99 LvL
 nnFank 99 LvL
 ņl񆡢 98 LvL
 Mortak 97 LvL
 V񥕫 94 LvL


 hivhak 3087 Pt
 Donotdodge 2532 Pt
 SpecialForce 2276 Pt
 3ShotDown 1614 Pt
 Ekka 1480 Pt


Submitted By Admin, 2015-09-22 23:35:06.390  
Application Date : Upload on Youtube.com between 1st Oct to 5th Oct
Submit your video on Youtube to enter the contest.
Preliminary Stage : ion by GMs Aug 21th to Aug 22nd.GMs will choose the top five videos for final voting
Final Stage : Voting by All Users from Aug 24th to 31th.
The final stage of voting will be conducted by everyone in the GunZ community

YouTube Subject : [B2O Gunz Trailer] +
Your video must have [B2O Gunz Trailer] at the beginning of the title
All Videos must be recorded only from B2o gunz.
Embed You Character name at the end of the Video.
Email us to [email protected] with following details
SubjectB2O Trailer Contest
Character name
Account ID
YouTube Video Link