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 *Arjun* 99 LvL
 nnFank 99 LvL
 ņl񆡢 98 LvL
 Mortak 97 LvL
 V񥕫 94 LvL


 hivhak 3087 Pt
 Donotdodge 2532 Pt
 SpecialForce 2276 Pt
 3ShotDown 1614 Pt
 Ekka 1480 Pt


Submitted By Luke_2, 2013-06-17 02:29:50.160  
Here are the Top 8 Clans that have qualified for the playoffs. The clan leaders of these 8 clans are requested to register their team line up consisting of 5 main players and 2 reserve players.
The players should have more than 200 points and should be in clan for 7 or more days.
Clan Name :
Player1 :
Player2 :
Player3 :
Player4 :
Player5 :
Reserve1 :
Reserve2 :

Please fill in this and send us to [email protected] before 20th of June. Failing to do so will DQ your clan. Sending more than 1 line up wont be considered. Changes will not be accepted once mail is sent.