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 *Arjun* 99 LvL
 nnFank 99 LvL
 ņl񆡢 98 LvL
 Mortak 97 LvL
 V񥕫 94 LvL


 Donotdodge 3980 Pt
 Cyclone 2423 Pt
 Aimless 2410 Pt
 hivhak 1945 Pt
 FourKingss 1445 Pt


Submitted By Admin, 2011-11-03 02:27:32.300  
Today is the most important day for All the B2O Staff and its loyal members , Let me tell you why . Today Was the Day When B2O Had Launched GunZ In India With No Hopes But Thanks to all You People Who helped us in making this community big. From The Bottom of our Heart And Depth of our Souls Thank you very much for supporting Us , In The Celebration We are Giving Away 3 Different Sets As Its B2O 3rd Anniversary

Wishing All the members A Happy B2O 3rd Anniversary ♥♥♥